Antiquity is Class.

From time immemorial, wood has been used in countless forms – as heat, tools, shelter, furniture, utensils, decoration, transportation and every other thing imaginable. Wood is something which is of great significance to the human journey.

Antique Wood

Let your home get filled with Legacy of Antiquity.

At Antiquewoodz we would like to take the current generation to a world where the meaning of luxury was different. Antique furniture is not only comfortable but is also visually appealing. It is versatile, recyclable, highly valued and most importantly long-lasting. It also gives an elegance to your home, office or lawn. Needless to say, antiques have their own history and bring with them their very own grandeur. At Antiquewoodz, we strive to breathe life into the old and bygone traditions of southern India through wood and related art. Indulge in the splendor of antiques and let us help bring its glory at your door step!

Indian Antiques

This era deserves an antique touch.

Old is gold – whatever we value today as gold most probably had its origins in the long-gone era. Ancient monuments, scripts, books, coins, archeological findings, etc. are highly valued – and so is aged wood.

Our Collection

We have a wide array of collections made up with most precious antique elements.

Antique Collectors

Dining Table Made with Teak

One of the marvelous piece of teak crafted by finest men.

  • Made with Teak Wood
  • Dimension 5.5′ x 3′

Have a Elegant Sleep

Love is often symbolised with rose, hence this is elegantly crafted with rose wood to celebrate love and compassion.

  • Made with Rose wood
  • Dimension 6×4.5 Feet
Old Antique
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Octagon Teapoy

To cherish those moments of joy with that one person who will be with you for eternity,

  • Made with Burma Teak Wood

To Showcase Beauty with Artistry

To keep your favourite statue, photo, etc, this unique piece of antique is crafted to showcase beauty with artistry.

  • Made with Mahogany
  • Dimension 30 x 50 x 320
Antique Wood Table
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